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"Profit management" is the first rule of company culture

The company can exist and develop, because it creates value for customers and society! And the recognition of the value created by customers and society makes the company profitable!

The company can create value for employees as well as profits.

Profit is good for every one of us. It can be used to reward employees and invest in the development of the company, thus providing more opportunities for everyone. On the contrary, profit decline is bad news for every one of us.

"The pursuit of excellence" is the second part of the company culture!

We will strive to become the best lubricant sales company in China! We all become the best part of this!

The definition of "best" : constantly thinking, constantly pursuing (action), as long as we have not become the best, we will never be satisfied (stop), will not stop until the goal!

"Mutual trust" is the third rule of corporate culture!

Company leaders trust employees! Employees trust leaders! Employees trust each other!

To be the "best" team (company), to want to "pursue excellence", to create profits, mutual trust the only team members of the joint foundation is the guarantee of success!

Company leaders believe that our employees are willing to be the "best" part, willing to strive for excellence! Willing to put the interests of the company (profit) in mind!

We believe that our employees have good integrity, we believe that our employees have the ability to learn and form excellent work ability!

"Reward and punishment justice" is the fourth corporate culture!

That is to say, rewards, including monetary, promotion and spiritual rewards, should depend on the performance of the employee.

"Justice" is not equalitarianism, it is not a big pot of rice!

Justice means: if you do your job well, do it well! You get a huge payoff; If you can't do that, you're not going to be happy with your pay, and sooner or later you're going to leave the company, either you're going to fire the company or the company is going to fire you!