Shanghai kuwei trading co., LTD is located in anting town, which is known as an international motor city by wusong river. Is a professional research and development, sales refrigeration equipment special lubricating oil, synthetic lubricating oil (fat), industrial lubricating oil mainly private enterprises. Since its establishment, the company has been specializing in the use of mechanical lubrication, improve work efficiency, save costs and protection; Always adhere to the "integrity, innovation, communication" for the purpose of the enterprise, "technology, service" as the foundation of the team spirit, and form a complete one-stop service system.

As an excellent lubricating oil sales service provider in Shanghai, it was founded in May 2010 and has become a high-quality lubricating oil supply service provider for many enterprises after 9 years of bumpy entrepreneurial process. In the industry, we are always a reliable partner. It is the great dream of kuwei trade to become a high quality service provider of lubricating oil sales in Shanghai and even the whole country.

We continue to promote strict product quality control, high-quality product pre-sales, sales and after-sales service, strive to create value, reduce waste, and throughout the value chain. We always take the responsibility of keeping the enterprise promising, employees working with vigor and sense of achievement. We insist on attracting excellent talents and guiding them to make achievements through contacting performance and challenging opportunities. We always strive to build a platform, to advocate employees with hard work and sweat in the work of value, to promote the embodiment of self-value, to promote the integration of personal value and corporate vision, to achieve the lofty goal of "high quality lubricating oil sales service provider in Shanghai". This process is a process of integrated development of employees and enterprises.

The company and many well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad to establish a good, stable partnership, the company gradually improve the integration of sales and brand advantages. And has become: Shanghai valve factory, Shanghai crane, Shanghai lingyun automobile mold, hainan jinpan, shaoxing magnetic industry, Taiwan wanyi group, Shanghai jindun and many other famous enterprises excellent suppliers. Achievements can not let us meet, honor will not let us stop, we can get the achievement, because no one is more serious than we, more serious about the lubricating oil sales and service business! With good reputation, solid technology and thoughtful service, as well as a new learning team, we will provide you with the most professional technical support and service.

Company to customer satisfaction with three basic principles: "the satisfaction of product quality, reduce the cost of satisfaction, service satisfaction", continuously strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise, the company strives for the development in the competition, seeks the opportunity in the challenge, I believe that the company will provide you with high quality, moderate price of lubricating oil products, I believe that the company will provide you with the best sales and perfect after-sales service. Diligence and sincere we would like to work with you hand in hand to create brilliant!